A systematic way to

build value

The Process is a proprietary, battle-tested methodology for understanding, creating and maximizing the strategic value of your company. It eschews marketing hype and self-serving rhetoric and instead focuses on developing a nuts and bolts understanding of how big things actually happen.


​In the start-up world there are basically two ways of creating shareholder value: financial and strategic. Financial value is the stuff of business school and stock markets. It's about multiples of revenue or earnings, sales growth, profit margins and management theory. Financial value is about a company’s ability to grow and prosper as an independent company. 


​Strategic value, on the other hand has little to do with any of those things and almost everything to do with how a company’s product and/or market position help or hinder another company's (usually a bigger one's) ability to be successful and how you can use that to your advantage. This can take the form of a key distribution agreement, a technology licensing deal or a strategic investment that provides credibility for an IPO or a high value acquisition.


The Process is comprised of three interconnected elements:


  • Positioning - Identifying and implementing a company's unique place within its market that best articulates its strategic value

  • People/Players - Connecting and developing relationships with key stakeholders (champions, blockers and decision makers) inside the industry players that matter

  • Proof - Creating and promoting compelling evidence to support your strategic positioning that allows stakeholders within the major companies in your industry to get behind your goals and help make big things happen.


​We work as an extension of your management team helping you to align your goals with that of the people/players that can hyper-accelerate your growth.


We actively get out there and gather information from our network of industry insiders, make intros to the right people and provide feedback as to what is working, what is not, and what the next steps should be.

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