Paul V. Weinstein

Managing Director

I have 20+ years of experience doing game-changing deals with just about every major company on the planet. I've been a founder, executive, investor, banker, adviser and had just about every other job (defined or not) related to start-ups. I am the author/creator of The Process, a unique methodology for value creation that I use on a daily basis. I've also written a series for HBR on deal making, taught at U.C. Berkeley and in addition to this fund I currently run an investment bank and advisory firm ( 

Kate Whitter

Chief of the Boat

Born less than one mile away from the garage where Steve and Woz founded Apple Computer, tech has been a key part of my life since day one. A former executive, adviser and lifelong hustler I now reside with my husband and 2 kids in the beautiful Colorado mountains and use my super powers to manage a diverse mixture of people, favors and opportunities while violently suppressing my urge to run off and do my own start-up.  

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