We look at the world in a different way

We are focused on a fundamentally different set of problems than other investors. There are many experts out there who can help you with engineering, management, sales, marketing or other issues start-ups routinely encounter.

We, on the other hand, are uniquely focused on helping you answer the following question: "What does my company have to offer a much larger player in my industry and how do I use that to maximize my success?"

​The answer to this question is what we refer to as "strategic value". In contrast to financial value (revenue, earnings, etc. that define value as a stand-alone company), strategic value is the degree to which your company is valuable to another (usually much larger), entity. This value can can be realized in the form of a big customer relationship, a key partnership, an investment or an acquisition.

​We help our portfolio companies do this by utilizing an extensive network of industry insiders and a unique, battle-tested methodology called The Process to provide unprecedented clarity, access and value.

​We are not VCs, we've just borrowed their business model. We don't lead rounds, care about valuation or take board seats. We are not interested in exerting any type of control over how you run your company. 

We invest in series A and later round companies referred to us by trusted people we know and only when we think our skill set and knowledge can make a significant impact.

​Each investment represents a significant amount of work on our part, so we are very selective and do only a small number of deals each year. Given that, we are only interested in truly game changing, billion $+ opportunities.

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